Saturday, July 11, 2009

what is 'the spirit of gracious living' anyway?

Please post any answers you may have...

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  1. What is the Spirit of Gracious Living anyway??....

    After a minimum of 30 minutes of brainstorming, a piece of paper and a pen, one person can come to some solid conclusion about what this phrase was meant to be understood as….

    However it was used on an advertisement wall of a new estate which most people would pass by at the rate of 5 to 50 km per hour. Hardly the time to be philosophical. But you need philosophy to understand it and to realise that you are being tricked by just another advertisement as you wont get what you think you will get.

    So here is the 20-30 mins breakdown (or for the bright ones – 10 mins) –

    -‘Living’ = sleeping, eating, working, growing, inhabiting (i.e. your existence)

    -‘Gracious’= delicate precise, learned movements (which would be connected to high society standards), taking pleasure of the little things, pride in the work you do, enjoying every moment. There is time and place (settings) to be graceful.

    -‘Spirit’= ghost, religious, ritual, unseen but felt being

    -‘The Spirit of Gracious Living’= The spirit of enjoying life to the full lives inside the premises i.e. you will get your hopes and dreams fulfilled by living in such a place, it is the best place ever and has all you will ever need. And here is the true philosophical lie behind the marketing campaign – buildings rarely satisfy their owners fully.

    Now going back over the notes, you can almost see how the marketing team had come up with the final delicate expression of ‘the spirit of gracious living’ and what they have implied but still the final result is somewhat puzzling for a visitor, meant to be awed by it.